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Where do I start?


The CALC 1 documentation has over 180 pages of documentation, examples and videos. 


What is a Focused Calculator?


A Focused Calculator has the most used keys for the task on the top row. Most financial calculators have the N, I/YR, PV, PMT and FV keys in a convenient location.  But for statistics, bonds, cash flows, etc... you have to use the shift key a lot.  


CALC 1 has separate Focused Calculators so when you need to work with stats (for example), the stats keys you use the most are on the top row.  With the CALC 1 Statistics focused calculation there is no need to convert sample standard deviation to population standard deviation because it has enough keys for that function, as well as others.  


You can easily switch between Focused Calculators by swiping left or right on the display, even in the middle of a calculation. 




What is a Formula Calculator?

A CALC 1 Formula Calculator is similar to a Focused Calculator except the top row (or 2) of keys are based on a single formula.  The top left key evaluated the formula when you tap it, ant the other keys store the parameters.  


Here is an example:  For the Percent Change calculator the new value is = old+ old * pctCh/100.


You enter 123 then tap the "old" key.  Since you just entered numbers CALC 1 assumes you want to store the number.  That is what the "AS" (AutoStore) flag is showing you at the top of the display. Then you enter 20 and tap the Î”% key.  Then tap the new key to see the result; 147.60.  


Since the Formula Calculators are "solvers" you can solve for any of the values. So if the "new" value is 150 what would the "old" value be? Tap 150 then the new key.  Then tap the "old" key and the result is 125.00.  


So, given any two values, this Formula Calculator can solve for the third value.  So with calculators like the Fuel Savings calculator you can use the solving feature to easily calculate break-even values for the fuel cost, miles driven, etc…


You can also plot the formula as a function of any of the dependent variables.  Just enter the maximum value, press the = or ENTER key, then enter the minimum value. Then shift and the key for the dependent variable.  


You can also create your own Formula Calculators.  See the documentation on customization.


What is a Form Calculator?

A CALC 1 Form Calculator a form based calculator instead of a conventional calculator.  You see just the labels and values for that form.  For the Bonds Form Calculator you have iOS date pickers to specify the settlement and maturity dates and  they are shown in your localized date format.  


For the Amortization and Depreciation Form Calculators the entire table of results is calculated and displayed.  You can also plot the amortization results.


For all of the financial Form Calculators the values are shared with the Focused Calculators so you can switch between them.


Using Form Calculators for Currency and UOM Conversion allows the use of pickers, saved conversions, "create key" and swap features.   




I see ENTER, SWAP and ROLL keys.  Is CALC 1 a RPN calculator?

CALC 1 has 3 calculation modes, Chain (the default), Algebraic and RPN. 


CALC 1 keeps the automatic stack for all three calculation modes so SWAP and ROLL are used in all 3 modes.  The ENTER key is used in RPN and Chain modes.  


Chain users will find that the automatic stack is great for quick access to recent results.  After pressing an operator, you can tap the ROLL key to enter the results of a recent calculation.  This is a real time saver over conventional chain mode calculators.  


Is CALC 1 Programmable?

Instead of "programming" keystrokes that are difficult to understand, CALC 1 stores spreadsheet compatible formulas in keys.  This is a lot like how you store phone numbers in your contacts so you don't have to remember and dial phone numbers.  With CALC 1 you can store algebraic formulas in keys on Focused Calculators so you don't have to remember them and key them in.  


See the "CALC 1 Customization" for ways to customize CALC 1.  

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